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IMOU Wireless alarm


Smart Connect with Dahua alarm sensors.

With Airfly technology you can link your Lechange alarm detectors to an Airfly camera (like model Ranger Pro-G). Based on radio frequency of 433MHz, Airfly is a private wireless communication technology of Dahua, a two-way communication that is safer than one-way communication, offering 128-bit AES fully encrypted wireless communication with dynamic key.

View the introduction video below:

Dahua Ranger Pro-G and Airfly sensors provide you the following features:

- A professional alarm for home and business
- Receive Push messages from alarms directly on your smartphone
- View the images directly live or play them back on your smartphone
- No subscription needed
- Simple to install

  • Dahua A26GP Ranger Pro
    Airfly bundle - 10% bundle discount

    • Megapixels: 2.0 MP
    • Nachtzicht: Oui
    • Sd-Kaart: Oui, max 128GB

    99,90 €
  • Dahua Lechange ARD311-W

    Dahua Lechange ARD311-W
    Scout Airfly Door Contact

    TTC : 34,90 € HT : 28,84 €
  • Dahua Lechange ARD1231-W

    Dahua Lechange ARD1231-W
    Scout Airfly PIR Motion Detector

    TTC : 39,90 € HT : 32,98 €
  • Dahua Lechange ARD1611-W

    Dahua Lechange ARD1611-W
    Scout Airfly Curtain Detector

    TTC : 39,90 € HT : 32,98 €
  • Dahua Lechange ARA10-W

    Dahua Lechange ARA10-W
    Scout Airfly Siren 85dB

    TTC : 44,90 € HT : 37,11 €

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