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Wifi camera

A WiFi camera is, as the name suggests, an IP camera with WiFi. This camera can be connected wirelessly to your network. This means you don't have to pull a long network cable. Very handy! The WiFi camera sends the camera images via the WiFi to your smartphone, laptop or digital recorder. You can watch the images live. IPcam-Shop is the specialist when it comes to WiFi cameras. Check out our wide range of WiFi cameras for a variety of applications. We sell WiFi cameras for indoor and outdoor. We can provide you with expert advice on the WiFi camera that fits your situation.

  • Foscam R4 White

    Foscam R4 White
    Indoor WiFi PT Dome Camera

    • Megapixels: 4.0 MP
    • Nachtzicht: Yes
    • Sd-Kaart: Yes, up to 128GB

    Incl. Tax: €149.00 Excl. Tax: €123.14
  • Foscam NVR Kit FN3104W-B4-1T

    Foscam NVR Kit FN3104W-B4-1T
    4 Ch WiFi NVR - 4x Cam - 1TB HDD

    • Megapixels: 1.0 MP
    • Nachtzicht: Yes
    • Sd-Kaart: No

    Incl. Tax: €358.00 Excl. Tax: €295.87

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