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Tax/VAT free orders within the EU (outside NL)

For customers, within the EU, not in NL, with a business and valid VAT number,  there is the possibility to order without VAT according to EU regulations. Our system will validate your VAT number automatically and update your account to a VAT free account.

You can also order free from VAT as a guest customer without making an account. The VAT number will be validated automatically.

To order VAT free as a company in the EU (outside NL) in our shop, you should do the following:

- You can make an order without creating an account and your VAT number will be checked automatically from within the checkout page and you will see no VAT will be charged if your VAT number is valid.

- Please make an account on our website and fill in your VAT number. Click here to create an account.

- When the account is created, you need to update your address and VAT number within your account (Invoice Address) and the VAT number will be checked automatically.

If you experience any issues with the automatic VAT-free ordering process you can email us via our contact page.

Please make sure you follow this procedure if you want to order VAT free. We cannot make a refund afterwards. Once your account has been verified, you are able to order VAT free automatically with every next order. 
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