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The Synology NAS can be a very convenient and economical way to view and store video images. Synology NVR software also provides support for your smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Android device, etc. Many IP cameras are supported by Synology including the models we sell like, Axis, AVTECH, Vivotek Foscam. Acti and more. For a complete list of supported IP cameras and types, please consult the Synology website (see link below). Besides storing camera images, you can use the Synology for many other storage and streaming applications at the same time. Examples can be found on the website from Synology.

- Please find here more information about Synology Surveillance Station.
- Please check in this page if your IP-camera is compatible with the Synology NVR.
- Click here for the Synology NVR selector to select the model for your needs.

  • Synology Diskstation DS118

    inkl. MwSt.: 176,90 € excl. MwSt.: 146,20 €
  • Synology Diskstation DS218j

    inkl. MwSt.: 186,90 € excl. MwSt.: 154,46 €
  • Synology Diskstation DS218

    inkl. MwSt.: 273,90 € excl. MwSt.: 226,36 €
  • Synology Diskstation DS218+

    inkl. MwSt.: 344,90 € excl. MwSt.: 285,04 €
  • Synology Diskstation DS718+

    inkl. MwSt.: 459,90 € excl. MwSt.: 380,08 €
  • Synology Diskstation DS418j

    inkl. MwSt.: 314,90 € excl. MwSt.: 260,25 €
  • Synology Diskstation DS418

    inkl. MwSt.: 424,90 € excl. MwSt.: 351,16 €
  • Synology Diskstation DS918+

    inkl. MwSt.: 574,00 € excl. MwSt.: 474,38 €
  • VS360HD Surveillance Station Live View Companion

    inkl. MwSt.: 474,90 € excl. MwSt.: 392,48 €

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